Year In Review

Nov 16 2022 - Nov 20 2023

A list of the articles, and their links, featured in Global’s 2023 Press Portfolio, to date, are here:

No Date Linked Title
1 10-Jan-23 Moxie Media Marketing Inc. Made a Splash at the Dazzling Deep Blue Sea Gala by Global’s Corporate Machine – Texas Today
2 16-Jan-23 Unlocking the Style Secrets of Successful Entrepreneur and Fashion Icon Kenneth W. Welch Jr. – Celebrity News
3 18-Jan-23 Revolutionizing Hydropower: How a Team of Innovators is Harnessing the Power of Ocean Waves – Economic Insider
4 15-Feb-23 Sustainable Energy at Its Finest: How Hydropower is Shaping Our Energy Future (
5 2-Mar-23 A Vision for a Sustainable Future: How Kenneth Welch Jr. is Changing the World for Our Children’s Children (
6 10-Apr-23 Kenneth W. Welch Jr.’s Approach to Hydropower Nexus System (
7 11-Apr-23 Nurturing Planet Protectors: Inspiring the Next Generation (
8 18-Apr-23 Empowering Change: Jessica Greenwalt – Entrepreneur, Advoca (
9 18-Apr-23 Kenneth W. Welch Jr.: Inventor Extraordinaire and Pioneer of Sustainable Energy (
10 10-May-23 Effective Leadership Strategies: Lessons from Kenneth W. Welch Jr. – US Business News
11 10-May-23 The Art of Success: Kenneth W. Welch Jr.’s Unconventional Path to Sustainable Energy Innovation – CEO Weekly
12 13-Jun-23 Kenneth W. Welch Jr.: The Connoisseur of Talent and Taste – Famous Times
13 13-Jun-23 Silent Luxury Meets Personal Style: Kenneth W. Welch Jr. on the Art of Understated Elegance-Entertainment Monthly (
14 20-Jun-23 The Titanic Submarine Incident: A Deep Dive into Ocean Exploration with Kenneth W. Welch Jr. – The Chicago Journal
15 26-Jun-23 The Art of Recognizing and Investing in Talent: A Deep Dive into the Vision of Kenneth W. Welch Jr. – Los Angeles Times (
16 25-Jul-23 Hollywood on Hold: Kenneth W. Welch Jr. Weighs in on the Rise of Influencer Stardom Amidst Industry Strikes – LA Wire
17 25-Jul-23 Kenneth W. Welch Jr.: Navigating the Crossroads of Sustainable Energy and Global Politics Amid China’s Influence in Cuba – Texas Today
18 11-Aug-23 Kenneth W. Welch Jr. Shares Insights on the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2023 – A Look at What’s Ahead – US Reporter
19 15-Aug-23 Inventor and Sustainable Energy Expert, Kenneth W. Welch Jr., Comments on UN’s Youth Leadership Initiatives – Wall Street Times
20 22-Aug-23 How Kenneth W. Welch Jr. Became A Modern Renaissance Man – Maxim
21 11-Sep-23 The U.S.-China Chip War: Kenneth W. Welch Jr. on the Geopolitical, Environmental, and Security Implications – Daily Scanner
22 12-Sep-23 In the Wake of Hawaii’s Wildfires: Kenneth W. Welch Jr. Questions Electrical Infrastructure, Proposes Sustainable Solutions – US Reporter
23 12-Sep-23 Harnessing Wave Energy/Power: Kenneth W. Welch Jr.’s Pioneering Wave-Driven Hydropower System | Tech Times
24 5-Oct-23 Can a Model Become an Entrepreneur? Kenneth W. Welch Jr. Says Yes! (
25 13-Oct-23 Amidst Israel-Hamas Tensions: Kenneth W. Welch Jr. Weighs in on Potential Gas Price Surges and the Path to Sustainable Peace – US Insider
26 18-Oct-23 “We are custodians of this planet”: Kenneth W. Welch Jr. on the Israel-Hamas conflict – Digital Journal