Just in Time To Save A Life foundation is a non-profit dedicated to saving lives by helping those that struggle with their lack of commitment to life. Their motto is: Don’t Do It!

This non-profit is near and dear to Moxie Media Marketing as it has a deep connection to our CEO, Jessica Greenwalt. The board itself is made up of individuals who, like Jessica Ann, went through a great deal of grieving and learning after the death of their loved ones. This makes their board unique in that they all bring their absolute best to the table.

Suicide has a ripple-like effect, and seeks to address the nightmare so many have gone through, are going through and will go through. Their goal is to have no more suicides worldwide.

Just In Time To Save A Life is key in helping individuals, families, and communities. We engage in the community with events and volunteer our time with food services for families during the holidays. They do not take just a crisis-centered approach, but are focused on delivering a holistic method of tacking mental health before, during, and after a crisis event. The CDC reports that the top three causes of suicide are relational issues, substance abuse and severe stress. They believe that mental health and suicide can be addressed preemptively.

Through working with individuals, the community, other foundations and non-profits, and public healthcare officials they offer people the resources they need to adequately handle mental illness.

Their mission is to spread kindness and help others improve their quality of life – to teach alternative methods of dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Their dedication has empowered others to have the courage to ROAR, Reach Out.. And Rise!

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