Empowering Marketing Systems that Define a Company's "Heart And Soul"

Whether connecting internally or with business partners, investors, customers or audiences… it needs to be clearly seen that your company’s business model aligns with both its purpose, as well as its cause.

The empathy, intuition, imagination, and innovation of Moxie Media Marketing, Inc., through its operating principles, embody the approach and method, which we employ when working with clients. It helps us identify and target the connection between who the company strives to be and what the company does in the form of products, policies and public/market position.  This allows us to help the company define their “Heart and Soul”

Some of the many ways in which Moxie Media Marketing, Inc can help your business are described below.


There are many different types of strategies that the Moxie Media Marketing’s teams can use to communicate the benefits of our client’s products or services to the public. Defining which strategy can be most effective, is where we can give positive impact to our client’s campaigns and promotions.

As a fully integrated agency, Moxie Media Marketing strategically assembles our services to meet our client’s evolving needs.


A good spokesperson is vital to any business that wants to build their profile and reputation. Spokespersons put a human face to the organization and effectively communicate your messages to the public.

Whether it’s being interviewed by the media, speaking at events or addressing stakeholders, Moxie Media Marketing can help provide you with a great company spokesperson.


Event marketing describes developing a themed exhibit, display, or presentation to promote a product, service, cause, or organization. Events can occur online or offline. We can participate in, sponsor or even host an event for you.

Using events as a marketing channel gives potential customers a unique, firsthand interaction with your company, giving them a true sense of its “Heart and Soul”.

Clients / Associates

Global Oceanic Design Inc’s Corporate Machine

Jessica Ann Greenwalt of Moxie Media Marketing, Inc. has agreed to be the new spokeswoman for Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. along with their associated companies, which include SeaDog Systems, Inc. and Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. and will explode onto the world stage of energy & water creation and preservation offered through the release of the dynamic and powerful, “Over-Unity Wave Driven Technologies”. This is a real step in the right direction of change; a direction without destruction, producing real sustainability, for all things electric to flourish, while providing a real concept achievable providing for a future, lacking water scarcity for all!

Henosis Foundation

Henosis Foundation named after Ancient Greek: ἕνωσις, which is the classical Greek word for mystical "oneness", "union" or "unity", is an Ecological Non-Profit with a mission to create an equilibrium between humans and their environment.

They are a non-profit organization with a mission to improve lives, address global poverty, and create new hope and a better future for the most disadvantaged people, families, and communities on our planet.

Just In Time To Save A Life

Just in Time To Save A Life foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to saving lives by helping those that struggle with their lack of commitment to life. Never give up!

de Castellane Creative

de Castellane is a Boutique Next-generation Creative Marketing, Branding, and Public Relations Agency with a global reach.

The Hair Lab by Jessica G

The Hair Lab by Jessica G is a professional, cutting edge, highly educated, and caring team that thrives on making their clients feel beautiful. They pride themselves in finding the perfect color and cut for each of their guests. They know that every person is unique in their face shape and skin tone, so every service they do is personally customized. REST ASSURED, YOU ARE IN THE BEST HANDS