About Moxie Media Marketing

Our firm is a Local, National & International Organization specializing in Marketing & Media, Entertainment, Modelling and Brand Ambassadorship for nearly any Company, Corporation, Product or Service.

Specializing in Marketing, Promotions, Media & Technology Events, Product Marketing, Talent & Event Coordinating, Modelling & Entertainment, Social Media Marketing, Campaigns, and Public Speaking. We can also act as a Marketing Consultant or Spokesperson for your business.

We are able to do this through the use of our vast network of knowledge, talent, resources, media outlets, company affiliates and other  third-party contacts, whether local or international.

Jessica Ann Greenwalt, CEO/Founder of Moxie Media Marketing, Inc., is a woman with the drive and determination to put more than 120% into everything she does, whether it is as an entrepreneur, spokeswoman or helping others through her foundation.  She combines her talents of brand management and persuasive speaking to be a driving force in creating change. Her presence in any room commands attention, whether through her illuminating sparkle, her tenacity or her vibrant personality and beauty.

By always committing maximum effort, her empathy, intuition, imagination, and innovation embody the approach and method which are the driving force of Moxie  Media Marketing.

We identify and target the connection between who the client, or company, is and their target audience.  People fall in love with a company’s “Heart and Soul”, because that inherent energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

It’s been written, “Our soul is stirred when we go after something that is heroic, bigger than life. Our heart is moved when we love and care for people.” When our soul gets committed to whatever we are doing, we will find a way to make it happen.

These are characteristics we not only see in ourselves, but those which we see in our existing clients, and help to develop in our prospective clients.

Whether connecting internally or with business partners, investors, customers or audiences… it needs to be clearly seen that your company’s business model aligns with both its purpose, as well as its cause.

The questions to ask are “why do you exist as a company?” and “what is your overall purpose/goals?”

Every business should have a purposeful reason as to why it exists and a set of principles which it truly believes and follows.… It submerses everyone in the business into that heart and soul.  Bringing the heart and soul into business is only real way to unleash the potential of any company or organization. Hence, any organization that follows  this concept will bring out the absolute best in its people.

The purpose behind your business is the heart and soul of your brand. It is the authentic story of why you exist and the difference you want to make.  Additionally, it gives a lasting impression by which your company will forever be recognized and remembered. It will be the most engaging and constantly evolving adventure you will ever partake in, and we will be there every step of  the way to showcase your company’s integrity, message and principles.

 “Together we can do amazing things, when we are engrossed in a purpose and challenged to be heroes to people all over the world.”