Year In Review

Nov 16 2022 - Nov 20 2023

In addition to the media and brand management services provided, de Castellane Creative has also provided event management, production support, all aligned to Global’s “Corporate Machine’s” Goals over the past year. The glamor, the beauty and the fanfare of the various events through the year, underwritten by Global’s Corporate Machine, are the fruit of artful vision, meticulous planning and complex logistics. From the ESI Summit in June of 2022 to the Deep Blue Sea Gala in November, the skills of Global’s “Corporate Machine” in conjunction with Daniel de Castellane and his team at de Castellane Creative has become a year to remember.

MMM’s management change-up arranged funding in the 3rd quarter of 2023 amounting to $3 million in Angel Capital via sale of its common stock in addition to the purchase of a soon to be released social media technology costing Moxie $2.55 million arranged with $675,000 of Moxie’s cash and stock in MMM amounting to $1.875 million.  These changes will add stability to establishing its new in-house Global talent system furthering itself as an international marketing entity!  Latest advertising efforts seen in its latest moves has added over 44,000 international followers to MMM’s new Facebook Website in just 10 days!

Working with its portfolio of clients, Moxie’s closing event of 2022 helped major funding to take place, pushing Global’s “Corporate Machine” forward, along with its 2023 marketing and press campaign, expanded website creations and Global communications development, of strategic relationships. The funding also supported breakthrough developments, launching advancements to their technology, adding to our onshore wave deployment directions… which is currently underway at Global’s X-Wave facility. With the installation of these new upgrades to the wave making system, Global is excited to double its capacity to generate up to 6 and a half foot waves!

With the ambitious plans for the coming year, including press related to the renovation of Global’s X-Wave facility and the news articles releasing the up-and-coming events that are being planned, shall make for a very busy and exciting 2024!

Moxie along with Global see’s the journey ahead filled with excitement and flare as we prepare to explode into the digital marketing industry with our new forward thinking and multifaceted social media system!  Making waves in an industry known as notorious for its fast-paced and often superficial engagement metrics, Moxie, however, is undeterred, understanding “The Challenge” is to cut through the noise, to harness the power of digital platforms by driving a narrative that’s compelling and real he asserts. “It’s about creating a dialogue, not a monologue, and providing a truly authentic conversation and simplistic system.”

Moxie will be working hard to fill their role in the year ahead… All of this in addition to Global Oceanic’s plans to go public, to release its shore-based wave technology to the World. Under the new management within MMM, Global’s investment into MMM and its sale of proprietary technology developed for the web soon to be released, with efforts aimed at its talent directory, looks to be an exciting year of events, commercialization, expansion and information dissemination globally, on the forward progress of Global’s “Corporate Machine”.

As Kenneth W. Welch Jr. embarks on this new venture, the industry watches with bated breath. If his past successes are any indication, Moxie Media Marketing, Inc. is on its way to becoming more than just a marketing firm; it’s on the path to becoming a movement. In Welch’s own words, “We’re not just in the business of marketing; we’re in the business of making a difference.”

With this bold new direction, Greenwalt & Welch reaffirm their reputation as mavericks, not afraid to redefine the boundaries of entrepreneurship! And as Moxie Media Marketing gears up to roll out its first campaign under his leadership, one thing is certain: the world is about to witness the confluence of sustainability and storytelling like never before.