Year In Review

Nov 16 2022 - Nov 20 2023

In an era where reinvention is the new constant, Kenneth W. Welch Jr. along with Global’s Spokeswoman Jessica Ann Greenwalt are wrapping up 2023, emerging as paragons of transformation!

Jessica’s cosmetic innovations along with Mr. Welch’s inventions related to the energy sector, have created an arena, flourishing them both as environmental tech entrepreneurs, and are now taking a surprising yet strategic leap into the digital marketing sphere with Moxie’s latest acquisition, a new and innovative social media platform, soon to be released.

This move marks a return to their entertainment roots, enriched by a robust portfolio of innovation, entrepreneurship and “Now” International Talent, from music, to breakthrough scientific innovations, all aimed to deliver growth and change for environmentally friendly technologies of tomorrow via “Mankind’s Organic Marketing” vehicles, navigating pathways of Music, Dance & Song. Or as we would say… MOM!

Moxie Media Marketing (MMM), is poised to disrupt the traditional marketing playbook. “It’s not just about selling a product; it’s about advocating for a lifestyle, a cause, a sustainable future,” Welch explains. Moxie, known for its edgy campaigns and digital savvy, now stands at the cusp of a revolution, with Greenwalt & Welch steering the ship towards uncharted but promising waters.

Welch’s vision as the new “CEO” for Moxie is clear: to craft campaigns that resonate with the growing consciousness of consumers who seek meaning beyond the product. He aims to leverage Moxie’s creative muscle along with its Spokeswoman, to tell stories that matter, stories that advocate change and resonate with the core values of a demographic that yearns for authenticity.

The acquisition will send ripples through the industry, with many lauding the move as a masterstroke in aligning profit with purpose. “Jessica, along with Kenneth, brings a unique perspective to the table, one that’s rooted in genuine concern for our planet,” says a colleague from his days at the helm of a hydropower firm. “His track record, along with Jessica’s, speaks volumes, and with Moxie, they’re about to turn the page to a new chapter in digital marketing.”

Moxie Media Marketing’s portfolio is set to be a tapestry of campaigns that do more than just capture attention—they spark conversation. From promoting eco-friendly products to advocating for green policies, the aim is to create a ripple effect that transcends the digital space.

Rolling back, the year in review, the year started off with a “Real Bang”. From the financial perspective… Moxie left the event it held in Galveston TX., along with Global’s Corporate machine funding a whopping $15 million, 60 days after Miss Greenwalt’s inaugural 5-day event, ending with a well-spoken speech followed by an, outdoor fireworks show, moving along to press interviews, and Red-Carpet photo shoot, crowning Jessica as Global’s “Corporate Machines” Spokeswoman, Funds raised were slated for Global’s forward-thinking projects.

On a separate note, Just In Time to Save a Life Foundation, attending the Event, was presented with a substantial $40,000 philanthropic donation. Supported by a heartwarming speech from founder Miss Greenwalt on stage (left) at the Event!

Shortly thereafter the foundation president also received a generous pledge by an attending donor, guaranteeing a single $25,000 donation to be provided in late January 2024, followed up on and secured!

Through additional efforts during the year, the foundation procured other donations amounting to $10,000, resulting from their non-profit events and fundraiser efforts, held or still underway.  These programs designed to raise a $100,000 target by year-end.

Programs designed to expand the capability and reach of the foundation, aimed at establishing more events, offering memorabilia and literature (shown left), furthering its awareness initiative moving forward into 2024.