Year In Review

Nov 16 2022 - Nov 20 2023

Events aimed at establishing & enhancing the foundation’s image, along with momentum sparked by their projects offering viable philanthropic gatherings and speaking opportunities, advocating their overall Mission of “Suicide Awareness & Prevention”!

So, looking back, 2023 was a very busy year for our Spokeswoman and her work on her non-profit Just In Time to Save a Life, where Ms. Greenwalt’s Foundation supported a Campus Walk for Life event (seen left) which was held at Arkansas Tech University as a “United Front” of the American Foundation for “Suicide Prevention, hosting groups from all over Arkansas”, for which Jessica Ann Greenwalt (seen right) championed the cause as a leading advocate.

Just prior to the “Cold Plunge Challenge”, Jessica was featured on a Good Day NWA interview to launch the funding campaign now on its way to a $100,000 target.

Next was a  well-thought-out Cold

Plunge Challenge, for which Moxie’s spokeswoman Jessica Ann organized diligently over several months. The Event held at McKissic Springs Park in Centerton AR drew a large crowd, creating local awareness of the mental and emotional impact created by suicide on family members and their loved ones.

“COLD PLUNGE CHALLENGE TO BREAK THE STIGMA OF MENTAL HEALTH” There are many health benefits to cold therapy but how does it correlate with depression and suicide? When we are stressed out in life, we must have the ability to overcome that emotion so we don’t make a permanent decision on a temporary feeling. It is challenging to immerse ourselves in cold water, but this teaches us how to breathe through and handle stress better. The challenge is a metaphor for being able to overcome difficult emotions and situations like cold therapy!

Most recently, she also joined with hundreds of thousands of people across the country who were walking in the Out of the Darkness Community Walks (seen right) to prevent suicide and support AFSP’s mission to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide. Ms. Greenwalt held a speaking engagement at the “Out of the Darkness Walk for Life campaign”.

These initiatives and accomplishments represent the level of energy, enthusiasm and commitment needed to bring successful outcomes for 2023 and match a pace aimed toward a fruitful 2024.

A Northwest Arkansas based women-owned enterprise is the preferred provider for stylist services to MMM for in-house and remote events, promotions, and site appearances, of which Moxie’s Spokeswoman Jessica Ann Greenwalt is founder and CEO. In her enterprise’s setting Jessica Ann is defining the cutting edge of not only Avant Garde stylings but developing, mastering and teaching specialist and expert techniques in hair cutting, styling, coloring and treatment.

Under Jessica’s focus, vision and leadership in 2023, The Hair Lab expanded its direction by enhancing her existing “Designer Fashion Boutique” in addition to furthering the development of their cosmetic innovations.

It’s seen that this last year represents quite a successful push towards these new ventures, supported by her Corporate Affiliations. Clearly, 2024 holds great potential for continued growth of The Hair Lab, both in terms of Global’s portfolio demand but as well in the new directions Ms. Greenwalt is taking her company, supporting growth in her Hair Lab Venture.

Headed by Daniel de Castellane, founder and visionary leading his firm as specialists in brand and image management, demonstrated expertise in this sector on behalf of Global’s Corporate Machine by publishing nearly 3 dozen articles since the Deep Blue Sea Gala through the 3rd quarter of 2023 alone.

Coverage covering technology and industry, geopolitical events, leadership, entrepreneurship, fashion and sustainable development on behalf of our organizations.

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