Year In Review

Nov 16 2022 - Nov 20 2023

Moxie Media Marketing’s portfolio is set to be a tapestry of campaigns that do more than just capture attention—they spark conversation. From promoting eco-friendly products to advocating for green policies, the aim is to create a ripple effect that transcends the digital space.

Rolling back, the year in review, the year started off with a “Real Bang”. From the financial perspective… Moxie left the event it held in Galveston TX., along with Global’s Corporate machine funding a whopping $15 million, 60 days after Miss Greenwalt’s inaugural 5-day event, ending with a well-spoken speech followed by an, outdoor fireworks show, moving along to press interviews, and Red-Carpet photo shoot, crowning Jessica as Global’s “Corporate Machines” Spokeswoman, Funds raised were slated for Global’s forward-thinking projects.

On a separate note, Just In Time to Save a Life Foundation, attending the Event, was presented with a substantial $40,000 philanthropic donation. Supported by a heartwarming speech from founder Miss Greenwalt on stage (left) at the Event!

Shortly thereafter the foundation president also received a generous pledge by an attending donor, guaranteeing a single $25,000 donation to be provided in late January 2024, followed up on and secured!

Through additional efforts during the year, the foundation procured other donations amounting to $10,000, resulting from their non-profit events and fundraiser efforts, held or still underway.  These programs designed to raise a $100,000 target by year-end.

Programs designed to expand the capability and reach of the foundation, aimed at establishing more events, offering memorabilia and literature (shown left), furthering its awareness initiative moving forward into 2024.