Jessica Ann Greenwalt

Changemaker / Spokeswoman

About Her

Jessica G is a woman on a mission with an established career as a successful entrepreneur. She combines her talents of brand management and persuasive speaking to be a beacon of light creating momentum for change. Her natural ability to raise the vibration of any room is felt through her illuminating sparkle, tenacity and will to create hope for so many.


  • KBB Knowledge Business Blueprint
  • Real Estate License
  • Licensed Cosmetologist
  • David Rountree Acting School
  • Ruskin School of Acting Advanced
  • Meisner Method
  • Merle Norman Cosmetic Training
  • Unleash the Power Within Tony Robbins
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza Advanced Course
  • Licensed EMT/Volunteer Firefighter


Established Just in Time to Save a Life, 501(c)3, Suicide prevention foundation in honor of her brother Justin to help those with their lack of commitment to life.

Established Entrepreneuer

Founder/CEO of Moxie Media Marketing, Inc.

  • Heal the Earth by awakening the courage in others through the use of events, speaking and media.

Real Estate Agent

  • Keller Williams Agency
  • Midtown Associates

Founder/Owner of The Hair Lab by Jessica G

  • Hire, develop, manage and train stylists on unique “Jessica G” hair method.
  • Created the #1 trend setting salon in Arkansas.

Hair and Make-up Stylist

  • Jose Eber Stylist
  • Saints Studio Santa Monica
  • Freelance Hair and Make-Up creating brand as “it” girl


  • Public Speaking
  • Divine Intuition
  • Presentation and Collaboration
  • Direct and Motivate

On The Stage


  • Bubbles – Lead – Cyril Zima
  • Izzy Legit – Supporting Brad Milne

Theater – Art Center of the Ozarks

  • Rumors – Lead
  • No Sex Please, We’re British – Lead|


  • Web Hunter North Bay – Lead
  • Walmart Sam’s Club – Lead
  • Wayfair Mortgage – Lead
  • Wayfair Mortgage Sequel – Lead